I enjoy riding my motorcycle. No, actually, I love riding my motorcycle, particularly on long trips through scenic areas, preferably with mountains. And I like to publish reports of my more memorable trips, including the routes I took. That’s facilitated by a phone app and some separate tracking hardware I use.

Only getting the recorded routes into useful form used to be somewhat involved. The tracking software records GPS points, but when displayed on Google Earth they don’t display a clean route. That’s because they’re just points; they have no “road context”.

You can get that by feeding them into an online snap-to-route engine (Google and Microsoft each offer one) and regenerating the route file.

That’s what the GeoProcessor library and apps do: they read input files of GPS coordinates (in several flavors), run them through a snap-to-route engine, and output a new file which will display a “road aware” route.

The source code is copyright 2021 by Mark Olbert, and is available under the MIT License.