Privacy Policy

In order for GPS Locator to function it has to know the user credentials — user name and password — to access the tracking point information maintained in the cloud1.

Your password is stored, in an encrypted form, in the application’s user configuration file. This is usually located, in Windows, at c:\User\[your user name]\AppData\J4JSoftware\GPSLocator\userConfig.json. You can access that file to confirm the password is stored in an encrypted fashion.

The encryption is handled by Windows’ built-in cryptographic services and is unique to the machine the software is installed on. Copying the userConfig.json file to a different machine will not expose your password.

If you want to look into how this is handled in more detail, please consult the application source code on GitHub. You may also want to look at the interface to the Windows cryptographic service which is used. That’s also available on GitHub.

  1. Currently only Garmin InReach devices are supported