GPS Locator

A Windows desktop app for interacting with GPS devices. No warranty for the usability of GPS Locator is expressed or implied. You should not rely on it in an emergency. GPS Locator is open-source software, licensed under the GNU General Public License. Source code (C#) is available on GitHub.

I use my Garmin1 InReach Mini to communicate when I’m off the cell phone grid on motorcycle trips…and to act as an emergency locator if I get in an accident somewhere without cells service.

I wrote GPS Locator because, while all the information needed to track an InReach Mini is available on the Garmin website it’s not easy for an inexperienced person to use. GPS Locator accesses the same information as the Garmin site but presents it in a more accessible fashion when you’re trying to locate someone quickly.

User documentation is available here.

  1. Garmin, InReach, InReach Mini, etc., are trademarks of Garmin International 

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