Thanx, Gutenberg…sort of

With WordPress 5, the default post editor is a new piece of software called Gutenberg. It’s block-based, rather than it’s-all-just-a-bunch-of-text-based, like the earlier editor. It’s got a number of nice

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dnsmasq and /etc/ethers

I’ve used dnsmasq, running on a Debian Raspberry Pi, for years as my LAN’s combination DHCP and DNS server. It’s got a lot of configuration options, most of whose defaults

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Customizing Azure AD B2C Pages

Here’s the outline of how you customize the sign-in/sign-up page for an Azure AD B2C tenant. The same approach will probably work for the other customizable pages, but I haven’t

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Azure AD B2C Solved…for now

After my last post, I got an answer back on Stack Overflow which fixed the basic problem I was having with getting the Microsoft Account identity provider to work. It

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