dnsmasq and /etc/ethers

I’ve used dnsmasq, running on a Debian Raspberry Pi, for years as my LAN’s combination DHCP and DNS server. It’s got a lot of configuration options, most of whose defaults

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Customizing Azure AD B2C Pages

Here’s the outline of how you customize the sign-in/sign-up page for an Azure AD B2C tenant. The same approach will probably work for the other customizable pages, but I haven’t

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Azure AD B2C Solved…for now

After my last post, I got an answer back on Stack Overflow which fixed the basic problem I was having with getting the Microsoft Account identity provider to work. It

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Azure AD B2C Pains

I am currently trying to do something that I thought would be simple (famous last words…): using Microsoft Azure’s Active Directory Business 2 Consumer authentication system to authenticate website users

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AspNet Core Shared Settings

Sometimes there are app settings which you need to share across multiple projects within the same Visual Studio solution (e.g., database connections). You can always keep multiple appsettings.json files synchronized…but

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